Reading comprehension -- and listneing comprehension --improve with MindPrime's IdeaChain program.
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IdeaChain is a reading comprehension product from MindPrime, Inc.
Reading comprehension made easy to understand.
An overview of MindPrime's IDEACHAIN reading comprehension program.
How IdeaChain can -- and cannot -- help you improve reading comprehension.
School, parent and  professional use of IdeaChain.
The questions we are asked most oftern about IdeaChain.  If your question is not here, just let us know.

Articles, research papers from peer reviewed journals and books discussing the relationship of comprehension and mental imaging.



Reading comprehension improvement . . . in as little as three months!

Do you see your child -- or yourself -- in this profile?

  • Gets parts of a story or lesson but not the whole idea or concept. More
  • Relates experiences in a scattered or fragmented way. The listener must ask question after question to get the whole idea. More
  • Attention drifts when reading or listening. More
  • Big problems collecting thoughts for writing. More
  • Difficulty following directions, particularly if the directions involve multiple steps. More
  • May make "off-the-wall" comments during conversation. More
  • (If reading the words, decoding, has been a problem) Continues to struggle with reading the words even after special training in a phonics based (Orton-Gillingham) reading program. More

Take a brief tour to see how IDEACHAIN can strengthen reading comprehension through mental imaging if you struggle with
general reading comprehension difficulty
adult reading comprehension difficulty
or you are a teacher/educational professional.

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About MindPrime, the company behind IDEACHAIN
Find out who's behind IDEACHAIN, their mission to empower individuals by improving their ability to learn, and company policies.

Customer Support Center
Our Goal is to give you superior, ongoing, interactive support in the use of MindPrime's IDEACHAIN program.


Great ideas for improving comprehension - anyone - any age!

IdeaChain is for individuals from 6 years old to 60+ years old.

Use IdeaChain risk free.




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